Land of Enchantment Realty and Property Management has been in business since 1973. Today, we want to share a little bit about our company to see if we can help you with the management of your rental property. Our business is based off referrals only. We get referrals from other Realtors, our tenants, and the owners we work with. Then, their families and friends come to us for help as well.

Property Management Albuquerque: Commitment to Quality

We focus on quality versus quantity, so we are able to maintain the integrity of your house throughout the period of time that you rent it out. Whenever you get the house back, you can be sure you’ll receive it in the same condition that it was when you put it on the rental market, minus the normal wear and tear that comes with tenants through the years.

We will also make suggestions during the years we manage your property on what you need to do to maintain and protect the property. When you get it back, you won’t have to do a lot of work. This is another example of how we manage to quality standards, not quantity.

We are the first recipients of the Vi Gautsch Award, which is given to property management companies to recognize their quality of service. The fact that we were the first company to receive it shows how focused we are on quality.

Property Management Albuquerque: Technology

Technology is a priority for our team. We maintain a database that is specifically designed for property managers. We take pride in this because it allows us to streamline the information you get online on a monthly basis. You’ll get an owner portal, which is where you’ll view your monthly statements. We send out a 1099 at the end of every year, which provides a summary of your income and expenses month by month. You can pass this onto your accountant for ease of filing. You’ll find our portal to be very user-friendly and informative.

We also have a tenant portal, which allows tenants to pay rent online, communicate with us electronically, and submit maintenance work orders. If there’s a needed repair at your property, everything is documented and in writing. If you have any questions on maintenance, you’ll be able to find information on your portal.

This has been a brief discussion of our commitment to quality and our technology, which helps us manage properties efficiently and transparently. If you have any questions, or we can help you with Albuquerque property management, please contact us at Land of Enchantment.

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