When selling your home, show how spacious it is. Here are some important home selling points.

In addition to good curb appeal, one of the most important aspects of selling your home is how spacious it comes across.  To improve the look and size of your home, I will share some simple yet important selling tips.  In addition to the home being priced right you want to make a great first impression inside and out.  Here you want to use your Realtor’s® experience to guide you as well.  You want to make sure you are focused on the items that are most needed to save time and money.  Below are some important home selling points to get that great first impression and focus on showing off the space in your home.

Remove the clutter

This theme will carry throughout the information.  I will break up some of the details as we go. The more items you have in a room the smaller it looks.  When selling your home you might want to consider storing some items off-site. For example, minimize the amount of items on your kitchen counter tops and clean off the refrigerator if it has become the household bulletin board.  In using these important home selling points will allow buyers to see the kitchen as more open space.

Another simple way to improve the look and the size of your home involves removing and storing some of your furniture if it takes up a lot of room.  Maybe you have a garage sale to get rid of items you don’t want to take to your next location.  Buyers want to see a space that is easy to walk through.  Keep the rooms simple, but welcoming.

Before your home is shown, make sure that beds are made, laundry is in a receptacle, that the trash is taken out and litter boxes are cleaned daily.  I have had clients cut a showing short because of odors in a home so this is important to remember.


Other important home selling points that are just as important include thinning out items on the walls, clean up papers laying around and clean up those closets.  Yes buyers want to see the closet space in the home.  Reduce the number of towels, sheets and blankets while you straighten the closets up.  In the bedroom closets maybe you store the clothes that are out of season to open up those areas.

The Garage

For a great first impression it’s important to declutter here too.  Keep the items you need until you move stored neatly and make sure buyers can see that they can park their cars in that space.  If you have a workbench you will want to tidy up that area as well.

Paint the Home

Improve the look and size of your home by painting the house in a neutral color. A warm beige or  soft off-white is neutral enough to pull it all together.  If you can’t paint the entire home then focus on rooms with dark colors and tone those down.  Dark colors are known to make a space much smaller than it is.  Try to be consistent and use colors that are compatible with the rest of the house.

Final Note

Ask your Realtor® for advice before and after you improve the look and size of your home.  A good Realtor®will be able to point out the areas that need your attention and what buyers are looking for.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to review these items with me.  Selling a home can seem daunting, but practicing as many of these tips as possible will go along way with buyers.

Posted by: cathyloe on August 22, 2018
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